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    luxury brand dog collars

    Luxury lifestyle brand MAYADORO has launched its bespoke Masterpiece High Jewellery Dog Collar service to create precious and unique accessories for beloved pets using 14k and 18k gold, natural diamonds and precious gemstones. Each Masterpiece High Jewellery Dog Collar is made-to-order and can...
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    Best luxury dog collars

    It's awesome to find out about MAYADORO's obligation to praising the exceptional connection among canines and their proprietors through the production of sumptuous embellishments. Your emphasis on joining worth, quality, and solace is excellent, as it guarantees that the two pets and their human...
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    Leather turquoise dog collars

    A long-lasting, cosy treasure, MAYADORO is an idea for Dogs that may be shared with Owners. Each piece of jewellery we create has this profound and unique bond ingrained in it, making it a treasure you can keep forever. In order to make each of our Masterpiece-accessory-jewels the ideal...